The Holy Smoke Recipe


  • Take an historic building, renovate and add onto enough to house a smokehouse and deli.
  • Accept architectural and civic awards
  • Add 15 years of smokehouse practices learned from hundreds of years of traditional artisan smoking techniques from Europe
  • Add tailor made small batch smokers from the USA and custom fit out a brand new smokehouse
  • Buy the best raw material from responsible growers and mix this with good food safety practices


  • Apply traditional manuka wood smoking methods which includes hand slicing our sea salmon
  • Include attitude to be the best and apply our business philosophy…RESPECT
  • Add pride, some fun and mix well
  • Keep supplying top NZ chefs as we have done for 15 years NZ wide and offer this direct to the home caterer also NZ wide on deli.holysmoke.co.nz or visit our onsite deli in Christchurch.